Feminaz Beauty Zone

Who We Are.

TWO DECADES – 21 years of Experience – Makeup Art for Beauty Creation – Bridging Professional Gaps – Training 3,480 Under-Privileged Girls and working with the best Fashion Photographers of India; We at Feminaz Beauty Zone™ are a team of established professionals providing an entire range of beauty treatments and solutions for Women at our Leading Chain of Beauty Parlours encompassing Beauty Salons, Hair Salons and Makeup Studios & Academy.

Located in Sector 23A, Gurgaon adjoining the famous Hotel Golden Tulip on Palam Vihar Road, our therapists are highly qualified in providing beauty treatments and makeup for all occasions. Possessing unmatched expertise and the best in class services and products for all your beauty needs; Feminaz Beauty Zone™ has traveled extensively from creating Beauty Models – to accomplishing various fashion projects and productions, especially by our creativity which is our best makeup skills and we are not afraid to experiment this extraordinary art of making you prettier and confident.

We sincerely thank our notable clientele which spans from the “Ordinary to Extraordinary” including Home-Makers, Business Women, Women at Corporates as well as Women Entrepreneurs and Female Professionals from all walks of life, who know about us through our exceptional beauty services and treatments, that we have been providing them perpetually since year 1998.

Amongst our regular clients are Lawyers, Political Dignitaries, Media Personalities, Movie Artists and several Student Leaders who have been enjoying our high quality services and our makeup portfolio includes a wide range of products from Chanel, Bobbi Brown, MAC, Sephora and many more. We are known for our creativity and for the use of innovative and professional techniques which we have learned and developed over these past years, which makes it possible to emphasize the beauty inherent in each and every one; with an emphasis on finishing touch – To glorify your Appearance and Confidence.

Our Story

Beauty is Skin Deep and We Want you to Look Dazzling, Fabulous and Luminous.

We strongly believe that every Woman has unique beauty requirements regarding her own looks and we want each lady to look her best. Adding dazzle to your beauty is what we strive for. We as Make-Up professionals are pioneers in the field of beauty and health research and aspire to not only enhance your beauty, but also provide you with our expert advice for keeping your skin, hair and body naturally healthy, fit and radiating that special charm from within. We at Feminaz Beauty Zone are here to make you meet a more fabulous and gorgeous version of ‘YOU’.

Our Commitment

We care about your beauty and your well-being.

Our team of professionals is committed in taking care of overall well-being of your face, skin, body, and hair. We offer you personalized beauty solutions and advice, custom tailored for your particular skin, hair and body type at the leading chain of our Beauty Parlours, Hair Salons and Makeup Studios & Academy. This expert advice can be enjoyed absolutely FREE of Cost while you use one of our elite beauty solutions from amongst our vast array of services and beauty care products.

Transformation mission at Feminaz Beauty Zone™ begins from the face which makes us susceptible to overreacting on one pimple, visiting multiple dermatologists for treating acne, dark circle, scars and other skin imperfections. As per our Beauty Care Industry’s vast experience; majority of women end up spending their huge amount on various chemicals available in the market and which claim to halt these changes which come with age on them. Committed to enhancing the beauty of all women who visit us; Feminaz Beauty Zone™ is the one-stop destination for all your beauty queries and total beauty care needs.

ACID ATTACK SURVIVORS: Feminaz Beauty Zone™ has avowed to bring all Acid attack survivors under its ambit to ‘Clear Off’ the very first blow to the victims of any acid attack which comes with the loss of their own appearances. It is for entire humanity to understand that beauty is only skin deep and that the world is full of thin skinned people. Learn to love and accept people for who they are and not what they look like, motivates our entire professional teams to take up this challenge as a Mega Social Impact reform and in mainstreaming these Acid Attack Survivors to lead a normal Life as Make-Up Artist Entrepreneurs. We truly believe in Audrey Hepburn’s exceptional beauty quote…

“The beauty of a woman is not in a Facial Mole, but True Beauty in a Woman is reflected in Her Soul…
…It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.” 

“No dream is Too Big and we at Feminaz Beauty Zone™ have initiated this Passion to Create Differently-Abled Professionals to grow their passions for Leadership with an Abled Self; which certainly is not about Titles and Designations alone.” 

Feminaz Beauty Zone- Ladies Beauty Parlour