Hi I’m Pooja, we at Feminaz Beauty Zone claim to add that dazzle to your beauty and before I give you my expert advice on how to go about taking care of your beauty and health yourself I think I should try to explain in my words some of the basic facts of beauty foundations on which the term ‘Beauty’ is built on.

Since time immemorial, the concept of feminine beauty has held a supreme place of importance in the scriptures as well as in daily lives. In literature we have poets talking about feminine beauty like a ‘red, red Rose’, whereas in music and in other artistic and cultural pursuits, we have a vital and aesthetic sense of feminine beauty which is profound, internal and more often than not, deeply ingrained into the psyche of a woman. But with changing times the concept of beauty has also changed, beauty is no longer associated with being delicate or shy but with the level of confidence with which a woman carries herself and it’s really true that one can only look beautiful if one believes that “Yes! I Am Beautiful”.

1.Beauty is all around:

It’s true that the entire world is beautiful; we just need the right view to appreciate it. Right from an innocuous child to a lovely Crimson rose to a beautiful mother and a lady walking down the street on a sunset evening- beauty is everywhere. It only needs to be admired and to be felt. With all the skin concoctions and the delightful doses of creams, toners and lotions that are utilized to make a woman ‘look’ beautiful, there is no doubt about the fact that there are an umpteen number of natural sources to make a woman look as gorgeous and as attractive as she feels, to the world.

  • Beauty is everywhere
  • Beauty resides in every being
  • Appreciation of true and natural beauty goes a long way to make a woman feel beautiful

2. Being Beautiful- Inherited or Within the Reach of All

If you are interested to explore the secrets of awesome beauty, then there are super-foods, nutritional supplements, organic herbs and foods that can make you beautiful as far as your external appearance is concerned, the most important thing to look beautiful and to feel fresh is a stress free happy heart.

The Collins English Dictionary defines ‘ BEAUTY’ as “the combination of all qualities of a person or thing that delight the senses and please the mind”.

3.The Reflection of Beauty:

There is a proverbial saying that the face is the mirror to the soul and heart. With active skincare regimens and strict beauty therapies which claim to enhance your looks and trigger the ‘feel good’ factor in you, you get what you desire to be, a beautiful human being. The real feminine essence is enhanced when you see yourself truly as a confident, self-sufficient and harmonious woman. Real beauty comes from within, when you look at yourself in the mirror, try to recollect these moments, when you felt like the most beautiful woman on this planet:

  • When you felt truly loved for the first time
  • When you were hugged by your parents
  • When you felt cherished by your beloved
  • The loveliest smile you received on a rain-soaked evening

Your beauty is like your mirror, it reflects what you eat, your lifestyle and who you are from within.

4. The Charisma of Beauty:

The charisma of beauty can only be felt if you perceive your surroundings better and see the world as being endowed with several beautiful and mysterious secrets. Minor and trivial things like soft and dimmed lighting, scented candles, an aromatic spa and a homemade perfume can instantly boost your energy and make you feel wonderful and in turn look awesome and attractive. Dimming the lights not only create a sense of serenity all around you, but things like soft candles, sweet and meditative music can enhance your mood and rejuvenate you, making you feel beautiful to an extreme.

Some vital points of beauty as charisma can be observed as under:

  • The wisdom of divinity and the growth of self-awareness accelerate the charisma of beauty.
  • If you find something attractive within a person, then it’s your inner beauty that allows you to appreciate it.
  • Jealousy, envious relationships, stress and mental blockages are like those incurable dark spots which tarnish the essence of your beauty.
  • When you stop reacting to the external fears, societal shames, insecurities and dilemmas related to life, you just take a deep breath and ask yourself “am I beautiful?” you will definitely receive an answer in the affirmative.
  • The Power of Beauty is enough to make you reconcile with a numerous working conditions of Fate and you start realizing slowly that it is the raw and uncut power of beauty that shines most brightly.

5. The core psyche behind ‘Being Beautiful’

According to the celebrated Noble-winning author Alice Walker, the entire idea of how one’s beauty is visualized depends on one’s own self. This is very important to reconsider that as a child Alice was shot in one eye with a BB gun which distorted one half of her face. It is then that she realized that the graceful self acceptance of one’s flaws and shortcomings also makes one more beautiful. In short, it is mandatory that you do not become another pawn in the chessboard of the world, but create your own instance of living life to the fullest when you ‘believe’ that you are beautiful. The irresistible power of self acceptance is better than molding and compromising your life in accordance to the needs of others.

  • Do not consider that beauty pageants and blonde women with blue eyes are the eternal symbols of beauty. You can find the best beauty in a humble and modest village woman as well.
  • Clear skin, an hourglass shaped figure, sparkling white teeth and lustrous hair are not the only considered criteria when you decide who is beautiful. All these factors are ephemeral, but clarity and self-hygiene makes you stay fit and free from diseases.
  • The words beauty and ugly are relative concepts. It is true that ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ so the definition and explanation of beauty should vary accordingly.
  • According to social psychologists, the more pessimistic you become about life in general, the more you tend to neglect yourself, your hygiene and beauty, the more you feel that you are unattractive. In a nutshell, nobody is ugly or beautiful but it is the ‘vision’ that matters.


Understanding beauty is really a tough task, as there are multiple outcomes which are brought forth by psychologists, aestheticians, beauty experts, nutritionists and slimming experts. Pageants and beauty contests create a fearful sense of competition among women, making them rivals who compete to gain a position to satisfy the male gaze, and they forget to cooperate as a group.

According to celebrated writer and life spiritualist Elisabeth Kubler Ross,

“People are like stained glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed, only if there is a light from within.”

This is indeed very true because here is the exact point where your true quest for beauty begins. Look inside your heart and catch the falling star- ‘BEAUTY’!