Hair Bleach Services

Whether you want facial hair bleach or full body hair bleach. To look fairer with a clean face or body, our beauty salon caters to all your demands. Our special bleaching packages not only make your facial skin texture soft, smooth and silky, but also gives a new glow and complexion to your skin, thereby enhancing the entire ambiance of your face. We apply bleaches from various reputed brands from all across the world so that you get the best for you money’s worth. We try to enhance the natural beauty of your face to make it glow and add a shine with bleaches that make your skin smooth and fair. We care about the skin of our clients that’s why before we apply bleach on your skin, we conduct a skin test to understand your skin type in order to determine which particular bleach best suits your skin.

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Hair Bleach Price Menu

Oxy$4250 INR
Diamond$6350 INR
Gold$6350 INR
Mango$6350 INR
Aloe Vera$8500 INR
Anti Tan$8500 INR
Arms Bleach$8500 INR
Full Front$8500 INR
Full Back$8500 INR
Arms - Anti Tanning$8500 INR
Cheryls - Anti Tanning$8500 INR
Front Back (Full)$12850 INR
Full Body Bleach$221500 INR
Full Body Anti Tanning (Oxy)$261800 INR
Prices are effective for FY 2020-21 Only.