Hair Treatments

If you often suffer from recurrent problems of hair fall, dandruff, oily scalp, skin patches and a receding hairline, all of which snatch away your sleep. At our hair salon, we offer you anti-acne, anti-tanning, anti-blemish, anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall and an array of hair treatments which can make your beauty regimen complete without fail. We also have special packages for your customized needs and unique beauty requirements, and we do our best to implement techniques which can treat all your beauty-related problems in the most natural manner.

An active lifestyle and a positive frame of mind can make you look younger and beautiful, so we also conduct individual discussion sessions on yoga and meditative treatments to present to you a whole new dimension to your life. Stay Healthy! Stay Beautiful! This is what we preach.

Get Attractive, Long and Healthier Hair Again with Best Hair & Scalp Treatments

Beautiful You, Starts Now! Add Dazzle to Your Beauty

Pay for 5 Sittings and Get 1 Sitting Free

Anti Dandruff (For 5 + 1 Sittings)$86 +6000 + INR
Hair Fall (For 5 + 1 Sittings)$86 +6000 + INR
Dry And Damaged Hair (For 5 + 1 Sittings)$86 +6000 INR +
Mythic Oil (Per Sitting)$22 +1500 + INR
Moroccanoil (Per Sitting)$26 +1800 + INR
Prices are effective for 60 Days Only. 01-Jan-2020 Onwards.