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There is no simpler way to change your appearance than to change your hairstyle. A right haircut can completely change the way you look.

An incredible haircut doesn’t just happen; it needs to be worked out in steps, starting with looking for recommendations and inspirations, to knowing your face shape and finding an expert hair stylist who has a vision for the structure of your face, volume, and hair type.

Try Gorgeous Haircuts and Hairstyles This Season

You can undoubtedly find such certified experts at Feminaz Beauty Zone, the best haircut salon in Gurgaon since 1998. The hairstylists at our hair salon can suggest to you an appropriate hair colour, to add to your style statement. We also provide trendy haircuts for the kids.

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Top Rated Hair Salon Services in Gurgaon.

Baby Hair Cut$4249 INR
Straight Hair Cut$6399 INR
U Shape Hair Cut$6399 INR
Blunt Haircut$9599 INR
BOB Haircut$9599 INR
V Shape Haircut$9599 INR
Veg Hair Cut$9599 INR
Razor Hair Cut$9599 INR
Steps Hair Cut$9599 INR
Feather Haircut$9599 INR
Change Of Hair Style$9599 INR
Hair Trimming with Scissors$6 +399 + INR
Hair Trimming with Candle$12 +749 + INR
Head Wash$4249 INR
Blow Dry$6399 INR
Prices are effective for FY 2020-21 Only.