Makeup by Pooja- Feminaz's Senior Makeup Artist

At the helm of their bridal makeup team is Pooja Sharma. With 21 years of experience behind her and up-skilled by Marie Claire (UK), she is also Feminaz’s senior celebrity makeup artist. Pooja’s ultimate goal is to channel your individuality and personal expression through the way you look, to which end she is entirely devoted to each and every project of her’s. Her brushes are almost magic wands in the way she transforms each woman into whatever look they desire with particular attention to the little details that matter. Achieve the stunning glow of beauty and confidence on your most auspicious night with the help of Feminaz’s bridal makeup team. Real part of modern individual expression as one’s face is the thing most people notice first. Hence, for those who wish not to do it themselves, it becomes an imperative to find the best in professional make-up services: one that’s multi-purpose employs a highly-skilled staff and is affordable. Which is why you should choose Feminaz Beauty Zone, one of the best make-up studios in Gurgaon.