Body Care Salon

Our bodies need as much love and care as our hands, face and feet but most of the time they are covered away in clothes and forgotten. Our body treatments assure that added feel good factor along with great benefits to your general health, the benefits that your body reaps from the massages are miraculous.

Relax and refresh yourself from the daily hectic schedule at the body care salon at our beauty parlour. We offer a wide range of body treatments, like body polishing, massage and spa that let your soul relax and make you feel that you are in the perfect place to pamper yourself.

We have a highly trained team of professionals whose hands flow in a magical manner for your body massage needs. The spa therapy and body polishing are a complete care package for serving your needs to relaxation and beauty. 

Come over and give us a chance to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul in the luxury and comfort of Feminaz.