Hair Spa

A hair spa can help you to get rid of unruly and tangled hair and is the best possible ways to relax, while hitting a beauty salon. Just like your face, your hands and feet, your hair also requires nourishment and pampering to stay healthy. So at our hair salon we combine several essential oils, herbs, natural oils and shampoos to give you the best possible hair spa ever. Quality matters to you, and is an essential for us; we use certified products which are applied in the most professional manner.

A good hair spa readily reduces oil secretion and stimulates the hair cells which help in the growth and regeneration of hair. Before the spa, we diagnose your hair type and then conduct the spa session with creams and lotions that contain milk and honey extracts and other natural conditioners that leave you and your hair feeling relaxed and beautiful.


Beautiful You, Starts Now! Add Dazzle to Your Beauty

L'Oreal Hair Spa$18 +1200 + INR
Schwarzkopf Hair Spa$18 +1200 + INR
Matrix Hair Spa$15 +1000 + INR
Organic Hair Spa$22 +1500+ INR
Moroccan Oil Hair Spa$22 +1500+ INR
Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Spa$29 +2000+ INR
L'Oreal Protein Hair Spa$29 +2000+ INR
Prices are effective for FY 2020-2021 Only.