Face Clean Up

Owning to the polluted atmosphere these days, your skin gets exhausted, polluted. It lacks that natural shine, at our beauty salon we undertake a rigorous face clean-up process to give you back your glow in no time. With gels, highly effective serums, cleansers which penetrate deep into your skin and nourish the skin cells, we have also designed face clean-up programs specifically for our bridal packages as well.

Our products not only cleanse and hydrate your skin, but they also make the surface of your skin radiant and this luster stays for a long time even if you go out frequently. Moreover, our sun-tan removal packages are quite pocket friendly, and we combine the double processes of cleaning up your face and removing the tan. Steaming with herbs, cleansing your face with rose water and exfoliating with natural scrubs are the three basic steps which we incorporate into our parlor’s face clean-up routine.

Holistic Solutions, Say Goodbye to Polluted and Dull Skin.

Face Clean-Up Price Menu

Shahnaz - Life$11750 INR
Fruit$11750 INR
Chocolate$11750 INR
VLCC$11750 INR
Silver$11750 INR
Aloe Vera$11750 INR
VLCC (Glow)$11750 INR
VLCC (Tightening)$11750 INR
VLCC (Fruit)$11750 INR
VLCC (Whiting)$11750 INR
Silver Z$15999 INR
Papaya Z Vedic$15999 INR
Cheryl's$15999 INR
Wine$11750 INR
Shahnaz (Zeema)$11750 INR
Glycolic$15999 INR
Neem-Alovera Facial (Vedic Life)$11750 INR
Cheryl's (Tan Removal)$15999 INR
Lotus (Hydra)$151000 INR
Kaya Whitening$151000 INR
VLCC (Pearl)$151000 INR
Lotus (Pura)$151000 INR
Kaya (Gold)$151000 INR
Nature's (Gold)$181200 INR
Lotus Instaglow$181200 INR
Ozone$181200 INR
Aroma Detoxifying$181200 INR
Party Clean Up$181200 INR
Anti Oxidant (Pollution Fighting)$181200 INR
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)$181200 INR
Moroccan Argan Oil$261800 INR
Lotus Ultima$261800 INR
Gold Sheen$261800 INR
Shahnaz (Gold)$261800 INR
O3 +$261800 INR
Asthaamarit-Z$261800 INR
Casmara$322200 INR

Prices are effective for FY 2020-21 Only.