Expert Facial

Our expert facial and face clean-up services are done according to the most advanced technology, using highly sterilized machines, and the beauty professionals at out beauty salon use imported creams and face toners to impart a consistent brightness to your face. Right from oxygen facials, to anti-wrinkle facials, we keep our standards the highest in the market, opting for cleansing and getting rid of all possible facial impurities.

For better results you may also try our ranges of fruit and glycolic facials to get a beautiful blemish-free skin. Right from using reputed brands to looking after your overall hygiene, we rejuvenate your skin with peel-off masks and facials that can make you the talk of the town.

Glowing Radiance, Guaranteed.

Expert Facial Price Menu

Fruit$13900 INR
Aloe Vera$13900 INR
VLCC (Fruit)$13900 INR
VLCC (Glow)$13900 INR
VLCC (Whiting)$13900 INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Pearl)$181200 INR
Kaya (Whiting)$181200 INR
Silver Z$181200 INR
Wine$181200 INR
Papaya Z Vedic$181200 INR
VLCC (Pearl)$181200 INR
Shahnaz (Zeema)$181200 INR
Kaya (Gold)$181200 INR
Glycolic$181200 INR
Neem-Alovera Facial (Vedic Life)$181200 INR
Cheryl's (Tan Removal)$221450 INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Cheryls)$221450 INR
Lotus (Hydra)$271800 INR
Insta Whitening$271800 INR
Lotus (Pura)$271800 INR
Nature's (Gold)$271800 INR
Aroma Detoxifying Facial$271800 INR
Party Facial$271800 INR
Anti Oxidant (Pollution Fighting)$271800 INR
Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA)$271800 INR
Diamond Facial - VL$322200 INR
Lotus Ultra Glow$352400 INR
Gold Sheen (Lotus)$352400 INR
Ozone$352400 INR
Shahnaz (Gold)$352400 INR
Shehnaz Diamond$443000 INR
Moroccan Argan Oil$443000 INR
O3 +$443000 INR
Asthaamarit-Z$443000 INR
Sensitive Skin Facial (Casmara)$533600 INR
Magic-Z Spl$664500 INR

Prices are effective for FY 2020-21 Only.