Privacy Policy

Feminaz Beauty Zone is having certain privacy policy for their customers and visitors. This policy is made for maintaining customer privacy control and Children’s Online Privacy Practices Act.

Data collection:


Feminaz Beauty Zone requires some personal data of their visitors for identification and record management purposes. It is requested that you submit your personal data like, name, age, contact information and email address, they are stored in the company server and deal with the company only. No third party user is allowed to access these contents or data without the consent of the company. It is also mentioned that the company is not responsible for any malware attack or system failure or unwanted link ups with other sites and accessibility problems of your data in any manner.

Why Feminaz Beauty Zone collects your personal information?

  • Feminaz Beauty Zone requires your personal information and contact forms for providing you with a better service. Company shall generate and inform you about their new products and services from time to time. Company representatives shall reach out to you at the right moment when you need any advice and they shall assist you regarding your query.
  • Company name does not sell or use your email address in any case. But there are some reliable companies and affiliates who work with the company and we share your information with these companies under mutual trust and joint collaborations. Apart from this, we have installed no-shared content protection agreement with our affiliates. So, if you think that your content or data is misused from our site then you shall inform us immediately and we shall take legal and disciplinary action accordingly. If you wish to unsubscribe to our emails and newsletters then you can unsubscribe it at any time by clicking on this unsubscribe link.
  • You can change your personal information and account name and user id at any time (if created).
  • We use some third party servers for company maintenance purpose and these technical companies deal with our site as they have full access to our site. But your information is completely safe and secure at our server and it cannot be disclosed in any manner. We do not deal with your personal data with any unknown company.
  • We work with some advertising companies and agencies and they shall reach you with their new products and fulfill your needs.
  • If there are any government institutions like police investigation or legal processing that require your information for their investigation purpose then we have to provide all your data. We should cooperate in legal matters and maintain the Indian constitution acts accordingly.
  • There are some links available on our site and contents which redirect you to other websites. It is advised to read their terms and conditions carefully and to maintain these. We do not take any responsibility for other website contents and links.
  • Our site and advertisement content requires that your computer’s cookies are enabled and all the data stored in your system is used by our site automatically. For recording and storing your personal information and access to these contents we require using your cookies. But this is completely preserved in our site server and deal with our company representatives and advertisement agencies affiliated to our company. We do not have any control on cookies management by third party advertisers and these agencies can make changes and use your personal information like, password, user id, name, address and contact information at any time.
  • If you wish to block your system cookies then you can block it from your computer or internet options and browsers. Otherwise you can block it directly from this cookies blocked link.
  • You can track our server through your computer IP address. This internet protocol address is generated by your internet service provider or by your device. You can diagnose any problem and use the demographic information by using your IP address at your place.

It is necessary to change our online privacy policies time to time and for seeing the changes, addition and alteration follow these links. For any assistance and query please write to us at the following address.

Feminaz Beauty Zone
Main Palam Vihar Rd, Sco 15, Sector 23A, Palam Vihar Adjoining Golden Tulip Hotel Gurgaon, Haryana 122017‎
Phone no: 0124 236 9222
Email : care(at)feminaz(dot)in